Right to Left Systemsettings

It has been a while since my last blog post, but I hope to blog more regularly from now on. I have been looking at my todo list at KDE, and I have some necessary things to do, and others that are just ideas and need to be developed.

For now, I have been hacking today on the Right to Left support on the categorized view. It was on my todo since the big refactor that I made long time ago. It is indeed very well structured in the inside, but was missing this important piece for Right to Left users.

So, I have fixed this bug on master and backported it to the 4.6 branch. I have also adapted in this case the category drawer of Systemsettings, which was kind of special because of the neat gradients. So, here is the mandatory screenshot:

Left to Right:

Right to Left:

Next stop: keyboard navigation.

  • CTown

    Thanks a lot, as these type of bugs that can make or break a user’s expirence.

  • Todd H.

    Is it opposite day?

    Keep up the good hacking. On behalf of users in the more remote places in the world, thanks for making KDE more customizable.

  • Nicolas

    How did RTL look like before your fix?

  • zayed
  • zayed

    Thank you Rafael for the fix 🙂

  • heynonynony

    Wonderful work, thank you. Will it be possible to have the “Tree View” categories listed on the right hand side as well?

  • @all: Thanks for your comments !!

    @Nicolas: basically, like this (as zayed already pointed out, it was awaiting for moderation): https://bugs.kde.org/attachment.cgi?id=43803

    @heynonynor: if I run systemsettings –reverse, I get the treeview on the right hand side, so I think that is fixed now (by someone else, I didn’t fix that).